When Paramore takes the stage, they are only interested in giving 110%. They put in massive amounts of energy and take command of the stage to deliver an unforgettable show. Whether they are playing their more soft rock or 80s new wave styled singles or their more traditional alt-rock hits, the band has a consistently high quality sound to them.

It also helps that Paramore does a great job of inviting the crowd to take part in the show with cheers, shouts, and sing-alongs that keep the vibe positive. Paramore fans have a lot of love for their favorite band and the love is returned. You can practically feel the appreciation Paramore has for their fans whenever they speak directly to the audience.

All told, these shows are energetic events that typically last for anywhere from 2-3 hours depending on encore sets and opening acts. So there’s plenty of music to go around and plenty of chance to lose yourselves to their sound.

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