Paramore & Foals at Viejas Arena At Aztec Bowl

Paramore & Foals at Viejas Arena At Aztec Bowl Tickets

Viejas Arena At Aztec Bowl | San Diego, California

We know you are SO excited to see the outstanding Paramore & Foals live on stage on Sunday 16th July 2023, so we are here to summarise all the details for your convenience! As you already know that Paramore & Foals is the unrivaled pop act for live shows, so don't you think its time to go see for yourself….the summer, 2023 states tour is the perfect opportunity! Paramore & Foals will play at Viejas Arena At Aztec Bowl, California, San Diego on Sunday 16th July 2023! Music lovers are always happy to spend time at the 'unrivaled' venue for miles so this is set to be a night of simple steps and music focused fun, with a totally stress free vibe! Press 'get tickets' RIGHT AWAY to book in for this Sunday night of pure POP!

Paramore & Foals at Paramore Tour

If you haven’t secured your seat to come watch any of the upcoming gigs at the world famous Viejas Arena At Aztec Bowl, then you are missing out! The latest on the list of fantastic artists returning to the venue are Paramore & Foals! They’ve been touring up and down the country and are coming to see their fans in San Diego! Not only does the venue offer shows by the best names in the industry, but they also bring their A-Game when it comes to customer service. On-site bars will keep you hydrated with their fully stocked choices in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The seating arrangements have been designed so you’ll have no trouble finding a place to sit or room during the show. The staff also work hard to keep the facilities clean and in the best condition possible so that you can enjoy your night to the fullest. The Viejas Arena At Aztec Bowl is simply your best one choice for all things music!

Paramore & Foals at Paramore Tour

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