Taylor Swift & Paramore at Aviva Stadium

Taylor Swift & Paramore at Aviva Stadium Tickets

Aviva Stadium | Dublin, Dublin

Taylor Swift & Paramore at Aviva Stadium

POP fans? We have some great news! Taylor Swift & Paramore on the road once more for summer, 2024 and it's gonna be wild! June is going to be pretty cool and you and your whole crew could be there! Friday 28th June 2024 Taylor Swift & Paramore will be hosted by the breathtaking, Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Dublin only the finest music venue in the state! Act now! Tickets are limited! You can book directly from here on, just scroll up and select the link to secure today! This might be your only chance!

Are you a lover of Taylor Swift & Paramore? Have you been to see Taylor Swift & Paramore play before? If you're yet to witness this live magical concert what are you waiting for! Back on the road for summer, 2024 the world famous act will be showing at Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Dublin for this out of this world performance! Critics have said it is the favorite and biggest concert of the year and any fans attending will definitely be stunned come the big evening in June! Makesure you have everything planned before Friday 28th June 2024, so get a game plan ready for the big night. Tickets are flying out so book before everyone else. Bag tickets directly on this page by clicking the buy button above. Now is your chance!

Taylor Swift & Paramore at Aviva Stadium at Aviva Stadium

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