Taylor Swift & Paramore at Friends Arena

Taylor Swift & Paramore at Friends Arena Tickets

Friends Arena | Solna, Stockholm

Taylor Swift & Paramore at Friends Arena

Your a BIG Taylor Swift & Paramore fan right? Well be in the know... tickets for the impressive 2024 tour are on sale, NOW! Saturday 18th May 2024 at the legendary Friends Arena for the unrivaled night you'll have this spring! Its a huge deal, you know just about everybody has been raving in anticipation, so nows your chance to see Taylor Swift & Paramore live and in the flesh! what a huge month May is going to be! Bring your pals because this is going to be a night to remember, you'll be singing & dancing you way home! Click 'get tickets' now to bag yours!

Its hard to think of a spring without the ultimate pop act around....Taylor Swift & Paramore performing a concert and 2024 is just the same....a Saturday night of pure wild and live smash hits from the second to none Taylor Swift & Paramore....May looks promising already! We bet you can picture yourself amongst a thriving crowd, actually being there for spring, 2024 tour...eating all that tasty food, buying your favourite bits of merchandise and soaking up that POP atmosphere....it'll be SOME NIGHT! The world famous Taylor Swift & Paramore will be hosted by the second to none, Friends Arena of Solna, Stockholm on Saturday 18th May 2024....the ONLY place to be for such a HUGE night! Now we guess you'll need some tickets? How about your access rehear you ask? It's so simple, you can simply buy straight on this page, scroll up to the 'get tickets' link and follow it immediately to bag yours! You could come back to find tickets are sold out so act now!

Taylor Swift & Paramore at Friends Arena at Friends Arena

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