Taylor Swift & Paramore at Groupama Stadium

Taylor Swift & Paramore at Groupama Stadium Tickets

Groupama Stadium | Le Molard, Rhone

Taylor Swift & Paramore at Groupama Stadium

Congratulations for finding the only place to book tickets to see Taylor Swift & Paramore for a live pop-rock event at the electric Groupama Stadium in Le Molard, Rhone on Sunday 2nd June 2024. This one-off event brings some of the finest performers under one roof to deliver an evening of electric music that fans have been waiting years for! Just imagine, you are among the sell-out crowd at the Groupama Stadium this Sunday 2nd June 2024, and you are being transported by the same music that defined a generation! To secure your tickets now, click the Buy Tickets button below!

It's so hard to dislike Taylor Swift & Paramore, after storming the charts, pop fans want more and more...the non stop hits.....Taylor Swift & Paramore is everywhere you look, all over your social medial and the second you watch your tv or look at a screen, Taylor Swift & Paramore pops up! This could be the top pop act on today! This brand new tour for summer, 2024 is expected to be the most spectacular yet, playing at the magnificent and well equipped Groupama Stadium, Rhone, Le Molard on Sunday 2nd June 2024....you'll immediately notice the the range of amenities and the excellent service, a wide range of food and drinks and what an ideal location for a Sunday night to remember well this June! We cant wait for you to be there on Sunday 2nd June 2024 so buy your tickets right now.....it's so easy...follow the little 'GET TICKETS' icon just above!

Taylor Swift & Paramore at Groupama Stadium at Groupama Stadium

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